General description

The universal PhantomFlow SnipeTrend indicator is designed to facilitate market analysis and meet the needs of most traders. The indicator is based on the analysis of the current location of the potential accumulation of active liquidity. After the liquidity capture begins, the SnipeTrend indicator starts to color the chart with a gradient, depending on the trend intensity, and also displays the optimal entry points for following the trend.
The trend intensity is determined by the following logic: when you see a pink or light yellow trend color, it means that a new trend may be emerging right now, and you can join it almost at the very beginning. If the trend phase is red or green, it may mean that the main momentum in the market has already been generated, and therefore it is not worth joining the trend at this time.
You can join the trend by using the signal triggers of our trading system, which you can find out on the next page.