PhantomFlow DynamicLevels

The DynamicLevels indicator calculates the current volume profile for the period specified in the settings, and then dynamically displays the POC (Point of Control - represented by the blue line, indicating the maximum volume), VAH+VAL (Value Area High and Value Area Low - represented by the pink and blue lines, indicating the boundaries of the primary volume cluster zone).
The current dynamic levels can be used as trading levels. In the example above, when retesting the VAH line, we observe a PPR candlestick pattern, which is sufficient for entering a short trade with a take-profit at the global low of the current day.
The POC line can be used as a trading level in both directions, depending on the direction of the pattern. Additionally, shifting the POC line can provide insights into where the market's volumes are currently heading, helping to determine the current trend.


Period: Specifies the number of candles in the working timeframe over which the current volume will be calculated.
Period Multiplier: Specifies the number of calculation periods, effectively influencing how many days of history will be displayed in the DynamicLevels indicator.
Accuracy: Influences the number of horizontal volumes used to calculate Point of Control (POC) values.
Wide channel: Expands the volume channel for more versatile trading.