General description

Unfortunately, the trading sphere has always been saturated with various scam options. This is because trading itself can be easily misrepresented as a simple way to make significant profits, often presented as a quick path to wealth. Consequently, there is a high demand for trading signals or training programs promising to turn you into a millionaire for just $500 and one week of your time.
When our team began developing trading algorithms, specifically for individuals with critical thinking skills and some prior experience in financial markets, we observed that the field of algorithmic trading also tends to be perceived as a means to get rich quickly due to the prevalence of scams in our industry. Therefore, we decided to concurrently create entirely free indicators to allow individuals who engage in independent market analysis to see how convenient trading can become when using our algorithms.
Later on, you will learn more about the methods of utilizing these free indicators that you now have access to. You won't find step-by-step instructions, as only our premium indicator serves as a ready-made trading system. Instead, you will gain an understanding of the specific situations in which it is best to use a particular indicator.
Furthermore, the list of indicators will continue to expand, so we recommend gaining access to our primary private free indicator, TrendDetector, on our website by providing your email address. Following this, you will receive links to other indicators directly in your email inbox as soon as they are released.