General description

When you gain access to the PhantomFlow All-in-one indicator on the TradingView platform, you also receive a trading bot on the ATAS platform based on the same logic. As a result, you can enhance your manual trading by utilizing our trading bot.
The automated trading module in the ATAS platform is currently in the beta development stage. It is sufficient for implementing trading based on your specified strategy, but at the same time, you need to monitor its operation to avoid any technical errors from the platform that could affect your deposit.
If you encounter any errors or issues during operation, please contact our support service.
A semi-automated approach to trading can have a positive impact on trading results when the bot is used solely for position opening, and position closure is done based on your market understanding at the current moment (recommended only with a solid foundation of market structure analysis). Before starting automated trading, it is necessary to conduct a detailed backtest of parameters for the desired instrument. Subsequently, you will be able to review the detailed instructions for usage.